SEO | Plagiarism

Hold up! What about SEO, duplication, and plagiarism? 🤔

Search engines aren't fans of copycats or duplicated content, so let's make sure you tweak that ready-made copy you just grabbed. 🛠️

  1. Your copy has a placeholder location, like London. Swap it out for your actual location(s). 🌍

  2. We threw in random names for the company owner – switch it up with your own name! Or ditch it, but we suggest keeping it in to make your copy more personal. 😉

  3. The review comments in your copy? Totally made up. Swap 'em for real reviews from your very own customers. 🌟

  4. Be sure to include the names of the locations you serve and the keywords that describe your services. Be super clear with keywords – search engines can't find you for words you haven't used in your copy! 🔍

  5. The more you tweak your text, the more search engines will love you. 💖

Just a few simple changes, and you'll be good to go! 🚀